Bakuchiol line – cosmetics for preserving youthfulness and attractiveness of the skin based on the revolutionary component of Bakuchiol – a natural analogue of retinol.

The facial and eyelid care program includes:

face cleansers: micellar water, active tonic;
basic care: day face cream, night face cream, eye cream;
intensive care: expert serum for the face and patches for the skin around the eyes.
Bakuchiol (bakuchiol / bakuhiol) – an organic component derived from the seeds of the babchi plant – has the same properties as retinol without causing side effects.

Acting as a “phytobotox”, Bakuchiol reduces the area of ​​wrinkles, makes the skin firm, elastic, and the contours of the face – taut and clear. In addition to a pronounced anti-aging effect, Bakuchiol normalizes sebum production, reduces the number of breakouts, keeping the skin velvety and tender.

Benefits of Bakuchiol over Retinol:

Natural component
Does not irritate the skin: does not dry out, does not cause allergies, tingling, redness
Photo stable: can be used at any time of the day
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive

For more information Download this presentation:

BAKUCHIOL line presentation_EN

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